Liviton Professional Hair Care and Repair Sets not only provide care and repair, they also help revitalize the worn structure of your hair. Offering a complete solution to the care and protection needs of your hair, Liviton allows you to rebel against time and environmental influences and paves the way for your hair to gain a brighter and healthier appearance.


Using Liviton Professional hair care products together increases the effectiveness of each product.

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Keratin Care and Emergency Repair Kit (4 Products in One)

Keratin Care and Emergency Repair Kit, included in the Liviton Professional hair care series, delivers 4 products in one package that provide fast repair and protection with a total care for tired, worn, over-processed hair. You will get fast results, you can notice the positive changes in your hair from the first week.
929.00 TL

Hair Care and Repair Set + Eyebrow

In addition to the Liviton Professional hair care products offered as a set, the Eyebrow product is also included in the set to make you look more perfect. Since Liviton's products are prepared with herbal-based formulas, using them together gives excellent results.
960.00 TL 869.00 TL

Shampoo and Mask 24k Gold Series Hair Care Set

Liviton 24k Gold Hair Mask and 24k Gold Salt-Free Shampoo form an amazing hair care set enriched with keratin support and the power of natural botanical oils. It adds volume, softness, and natural shine to your hair.
500.00 TL 420.00 TL

Mini Keratin Botox Set and Level 3 Follow-up Shampoo Two in One

The content of the set, which includes products prepared for the health of your hair and scalp, includes support products prepared by Liviton. The care set includes After Keratin and Care Shampoo 3 Level 500 ml, Pre-Application Keratin Shampoo 100 ml, Keratin Gel 100 ml.
410.00 TL

Opportunity Package 2 Keratin Set 500 ml After Keratin Set Gift

A set that turns the health that the keratin care set brings to your hair into an opportunity! Keratin care products with increased amounts…
799.00 TL

Keratin Care Full Set

All products that are the key to healthy hair are in this set! You can reach all the needs of neglected and lifeless hair and your lost shine in one set.
1,499.00 TL

Hair Straightener and Keratin Care Set 500ml

You can have Liviton's miraculous hair care products in a set. Fulfill your hair's straightening and keratin care and repair needs with our herbal complex formula.
1,300.00 TL

Hair Straightener and Keratin Care Set 2x100 ml

Liviton has a very powerful solution to straighten your hair that is messy and makes it difficult to comb. You can immediately use Liviton Professional Hair Straightener and Keratin Care Set to straighten your hair and add shine to them.
260.00 TL
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