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Liviton Cosmetics has been developing its R&D since 2010 to give you healthy and well-groomed hair. While it continues its way with 100% domestic capital, it derives its dynamism from its customers all over the world.

With its innovative structure, it has adopted the mission of constantly providing different and higher quality products to the cosmetics industry, and stands out in all dominant markets with its hair care and hair straightening products. The company, which has been operating under the name Liviton since the day it was founded, constantly expands the dealer and sales network of its products under the same name, while also accelerating its supply chain and marketing activities.


The contribution of Golden Shampoo, which doubles the hair growth rate, plays a major role in this success. Liviton cosmetics also designs its sector with its own invention, Golden shampoo. As a result of long-term R&D studies, Pure Gold 24K Gold Shampoo, prepared to become the industry leader, is showcased by giving the formula for perfect hair. Moreover, in all its dominant markets around the world. Likewise, Liviton Kozmetik's hair care products also attract great attention from consumers. Keratin & Care series constantly makes hair stronger and more well-groomed, thanks to its very different formulation from similar products. The product receives only full-point evaluations from both its regulars and customers in the online market.

The aim of giving hair the care it deserves inspires the continuation of production around Liviton values. Liviton Kozmetik's company values are expressed as reliability, customer focus, innovation, dynamism, rationality and efficiency.

Liviton constantly optimizes its production processes in order to contribute to the quality of life of its customers as well as the world we live in. It adopts a natural approach to leave a more livable world to future generations. It is committed to giving priority to using healthy raw materials in its production processes and products.

Liviton Cosmetics continues to promote widely so that all consumers can reach Liviton products aimed at protecting the health of hair and scalp. In this context, it showcases its labeled products with a price policy appropriate to its superior quality.

You are more perfect now...
Change the fate of your hair without wasting time. Not only your vibrant and beautiful hair, but also the pleasant smell of your hair now puts you one step ahead. With Liviton, your hair looks livelier, brighter and more beautiful than ever, and you are happier.

Liviton Cosmetics experts are working harder every day to protect your hair. You are now more perfect with Liviton, which prepares the right solutions to protect the health of your hair and scalp, which are the starting point of your beauty!

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