Liviton Professional shampoos cleanse your hair while also nourishing, strengthening and renewing it with organic ingredients. The hair-saving components of salt-free shampoos eliminate this problem and help your hair maintain its natural shine and vitality.

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Hair Shampoo 24K Pure Gold Series Gold 300ml

With 24 different oils and special ingredients in its content, it nourishes your hair and restores its natural moisture. It helps you to have healthy and shiny hair.
210.00 TL

Keratin & Aftercare 3 Level Shampoo 500ml

It makes your hair look healthier, stronger and brighter. Expert dermatologists recommend that you do keratin care and do this regularly to protect your hair and scalp.
200.00 TL

Purple Shampoo 500 ML Repairing Care Effect Silver Shampoo

Liviton Professional Silver Shampoo, also known as purple shampoo, effectively reduces orange color and gives your hair a magnificent transformation. Even just a single wash reduces orange color by 90% and helps you achieve perfect results without having to go to the hairdresser.
260.00 TL

Silver Shampoo Repairing Care Purple Shampoo 100ml

Thanks to amino acids and anti-yellowing components, it prevents the yellowing of the keratin in the internal structure of the hair, regulates color transitions, keeps them under control, and softens the hair strand.
80.00 TL
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