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Hair Mask 24 Herbal Oil 24k Pure Gold Series Gold 300ml

Liviton Professional Hair Mask Pure Gold Series with 24 Herbal Oils is a product that offers a unique experience in hair care. The natural oils and extracts it contains deeply nourish your hair and give it a healthy appearance.
260.00 TL

Silver Shampoo Repairing Care Purple Shampoo 100ml

Thanks to amino acids and anti-yellowing components, it prevents the yellowing of the keratin in the internal structure of the hair, regulates color transitions, keeps them under control, and softens the hair strand.
80.00 TL

Hair Perfume Amino Acid Complex 100ml

By providing the moisture your hair needs, it reduces problems such as dryness and dullness. It revitalizes your hair and regains its natural shine with every use.
260.00 TL

Hair Straightener and Keratin Care Set 500ml

You can have Liviton's miraculous hair care products in a set. Fulfill your hair's straightening and keratin care and repair needs with our herbal complex formula.
1,300.00 TL

Nourishing Clear Brow Lamination, Brow Wax

Eyebrow lamination and brush never leave residue, whiteness or residue with its transparent structure. It fixes and lifts the eyebrows and as our users say: "It provides a perfect eyebrow look all day long.".
260.00 TL

Hair Care and Repair Set + Eyebrow

In addition to the Liviton Professional hair care products offered as a set, the Eyebrow product is also included in the set to make you look more perfect. Since Liviton's products are prepared with herbal-based formulas, using them together gives excellent results.
960.00 TL 869.00 TL
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