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Intense Powder Opener Set 100 gr Powder Opener + 150 ml Oxidant

Its intense complex composition does not contain any chemicals, thus extending the life of your hair care even further. The harmful effects of chemicals are also eliminated from your hair.
100.00 TL

Intense Powder Opener Set 20 gr Powder Opener + 50 ml Oxidant

Liviton Proffessional's intense color lightening set, prepared for you to have more perfect hair, is delivered to you with the content of OXIDANT + POWDER LIGHTENER. The product offered to you with the motto "Hair that Lightens Without Damage" has an intensely complex composition prepared with powerful natural amino acids.
40.00 TL

Violet Powder Opener 1000 gr

Violet Powder Lightener, prepared by Liviton Professional experts, attracts great attention from domestic and international markets with its affordable price as well as clean and easy use.
650.00 TL

Gray Powder Opener 1000 gr

It can be easily applied in hairdressers. It is a high quality and powerful hair lightener. It can be applied to all types of hair and allows you to lighten more slowly and in a controlled manner than normal powder lighteners.
650.00 TL

Blue Powder Opener 1000 gr

Its formulation, which prevents dust from flying when used with an oxidant, puts Liviton Professional Blue Powder Lightener ahead of its counterparts. Dore provides reflection-free opening. It ensures that you achieve the exact color intensity you want and that this color preserves itself for a long time.
590.00 TL
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