Hair Mask

The most effective method to meet your hair's restorative care needs is a hair mask. The herbal hair mask offered by Liviton Professional uses the power it gets from its silicone-free, paraben-free and salt-free content to protect your hair naturally and effectively. It is effective enough to show its effect within a month with regular use.

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Hair Mask 24 Herbal Oil 24k Pure Gold Series Gold 300ml

Liviton Professional Hair Mask Pure Gold Series with 24 Herbal Oils is a product that offers a unique experience in hair care. The natural oils and extracts it contains deeply nourish your hair and give it a healthy appearance.
260.00 TL

Keratin & Aftercare 4 Level Conditioner 500ml

Liviton Professional Keratin care products restore the keratin your hair has lost with its restorative care feature. In this way, you will have healthier, stronger and brighter hair.
200.00 TL
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