Opportunity Package 2 Keratin Set 500 ml After Keratin Set Gift

A set that turns the health that the keratin care set brings to your hair into an opportunity! Keratin care products with increased amounts…
Manufacturer: Liviton Professional
799.00 TL
  • All products of keratin care in one set.
  • Your hair is protected against the effects of environmental factors.
  • Your hair grows faster than normal.
  • You can use it both for straightening and keratin care.
  • It helps stop hair loss.
  • With this series, you can quickly repair your hair and get strong and healthy hair.


The Opportunity Package of the Liviton Professional hair care series with the After Keratin Set gift offers you 2 products in one package that provide fast repair and protection with a total care for tired, worn, over-processed hair.

2 Hair Straightener and Keratin Care Set 2X 100 ml
1 Piece 3 Level 500 ml After Care Protection Shampoo
1 Piece 4 Level 500 ml Keratin & After Care 4 Level Conditioner


Keratin Care Products with Increased Amount…

Give your hair the advantage of having an after keratin set in the set. The content of the set, which includes products prepared for the health of your hair and scalp, includes support products prepared by Liviton. You will get fast results, you can notice the positive changes in your hair from the first week. Since Liviton's products are prepared with herbal-based formulas, using them together gives excellent results. You can extend the positive effects of keratin for months with 3 Level follow-up shampoo.


You shouldn't leave your hair health to chance and you shouldn't miss this opportunity!

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